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As you age, the levels of hormones diminish, and your quality of life will depend  largely on the quality of hormones you take to replace them.  Bio-identical hormones are molecularly structured to be an exact match of what your body naturally produces. At Longevity Wellness & Anti-Aging Institute, all hormone levels are carefully monitored, so you can achieve optimal results.




Although testosterone is primarily a male hormone, women also benefit from its supplementation. Levels of testosterone decline with age in both men and women. It is an essential hormone that neither men nor women should be without.

Some of the benefits of testosterone replacement may include:


Significant gain in lean body mass, muscle strength, and aerobic endurance

Significant reduction in whole body fat

Reduce central obesity

Increase in bone mineral density

Increase libido and sexual activity

Improve quality of erection and ejaculation

Improve quality of orgasm

Improve memory

Improve concentration and motivation

Anti-depressant effect in depressed patients

Decrease risk of Diabetes and hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis)

Better cognitive performance

May protect against the development of Alzheimer’s disease

 Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels



Specifically in Women:


Increase in sexual desire

Increase in vaginal lubrication

Increase in vaginal and clitoral arousal

Increase in vaginal and clitoral orgasmic activity

Increase in energy levels and sense of well-being

Increase in muscle strength in conjunction with estradiol replacement




DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)


It is an important endogenous steroid hormone that significantly decreases with aging. Some of the benefits of its replacement may include:


Reduction in abdominal fat by decreasing cortisol levels

Prevention  and treatment of metabolic syndrome associated with abdominal obesity.

Stimulation of bone formation.

Lowering of cholesterol and fasting blood sugar levels.

Lowering of hemoglobin A1C (diabetes).

Decrease in risk of cardiovascular disease in men.

Increase libido.

Improvement in concentration, memory, and mood.

Improvement in mid-life onset major and minor depression.

Inhibition of breast cancer development and growth.

Increase in muscle mass with heavy exercise.






These hormones work synergistically to promote optimal female health. Benefits may include:


Reduction in central obesity by decreasing cortisol levels

Prevention of genital atrophy

Prevention of osteoporosis

Protection against the development of Alzheimer’s disease

Decrease in fasting blood sugar and hemoglobin A1C

Decrease in bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase in good cholesterol (HDL)

Prevention of cardiovascular disease

Prevention of macular degeneration of retina

Prevention of cataracts

Prevention of colon cancer

Increase in muscle strength and muscle mass in conjunction with testosterone

Progesterone helps stimulate bone growth, health heart function, boost mood and well-being






It is a metabolic hormone that regulates:



Cerebral Function



It increases fat breakdown, decreasing cholesterol. The lack of this hormone may be the cause of fibromyalgia.





It is a potent memory enhancer and cellular repairer, especially in the brain.





Its production decreases with age. Its deficiency causes poor sleep with jet lag and irritability.  Positive effects may include:


Improvement of sleep pattern as well as depth and quality of sleep


Mood Enhancer

Potent Anti-oxidant

Decrease in incidence of migraine headaches

Lowering of nocturnal blood pressure

Decrease in cluster headaches

Decrease in night urination by increase in stage IV sleep

Better sleep and improved immune system, therefore better quality of life



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